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so i'm kinda into writing stories and everything and i decided to put a sex scene in this one that i am writing.

only i have no idea how to write a sex scene because i am expierence.

it's a rather odd question, but could anyone help me. like with websites that offer stories of fantasy or something? thankss everyone!

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what companies that sell dildos ship them to your house in a plain box.

like not ones with SEX TOYS written all over them?

i need it cause i dont want my parents to know i'm buying a dildo.

and also what is a good brand?
i just want it because fingering isnt doing me much good anymore while i'm watching porn.

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thanks for all your advice girls, me and my boyfriend had sex today =) it was only like 2 seconds long but lol he put his head in and just shoved the rest in it hurt a little but it wasn't like "oh my god i'm gonna die pain!!" it was pain i could take but after that he stuck it in again and i pulled away cause i was still in pain and i've been bleading for like 3 hours now ... normal right? when does it stop? i went home and i could tell that i'm stretched alot more now which is good for next time hopefully... so thanks for everyones advice it really helped me relax more =)

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This guy wants me to take his virginity but I've always been against it for various reasons. 1 being I don't want to not fit his expectations. So for those of you who have taken virginities and not "we both lost it together" stuff how was it for you? What position did you use and how did he/she react? I could use as much advice as possible and if it matters he's younger than me but not it's illegal younger than me lol.